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General Fitness

Spring 2015 Spring Group Fitness Schedule

March 16 - May 8, 2015

Subject to change.

ABSolute Cycling

Check out this high intensity cardio workout with a twist! ABSolute Cycling incorporates a gut-wrenching ab workout. 

Wednesday6:15-7 pmLaurenCycling Studio

Action Abs

Work your core like never before. In this 30-minute session, your abs and back will get a hard core workout with stabilizing movements and strength training. Come join us after a cardio workout to add a little strength to your core.

Monday4:30-5 pmTaylorStudio A
Friday4:30-5 pmTylerStudio A
Saturday3:30-4 pmTaylorStudio A

Butts & Guts

This class strictly concentrates on your tummy, hips, thighs and butt by using fun strength training moves to sculpt and define.

Monday6-6:50 pmTaylorStudio B
Wednesday7-7:50 pmMunchieCycling Studio

Cardio Fusion

Get a heart-pounding, all cardio workout using body weight, medicine balls and more! Bring water to this intense, sweat-inducing class.

Monday12:15-1 pmWendiStudio A
Wednesday5-5:50 pmTylerStudio B

Circuit Blast

This class utilizes shorts bursts of resistance exercise to develop strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination.

Tuesday5-5:50 pmMunchieStudio B

Core & More

This energizing class focuses on the core muscles including abdominal muscles, gluteals, and hip flexors and extensors, while challenging the rest of your body in a variety of ways.

Thursday6-6:50 pmTylerCycling Studio

Cycle & Tone

Get the best of both worlds with Cycle & Tone; a sweat-inducing cycling workout with strengthening exercises to tone your muscles! Get ready for a total body workout.

Friday5-6 pmTylerCycling Studio

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga focuses on relaxation, breathing and flexibility. This class is greaf for anyone new to Yoga or looking for a restorative session.

Tuesday4:30-5:30 pmSarah H./DavidCycling Studio

Power 1/2 Hour

Get ready to break a sweat! Cardio, strength, intervals, oh my! Keep your body guessing with this 30-minute, ever-changing workout utilizing a variety of equipment or body weight only.

Wednesday4:30-5 pmTylerStudio A
Thursday5:30-6 pmTylerCycling Studio

Power Yoga

This isn't your traditional Yoga class! Power Yoga uses a variety of vinyasas, more challenging poses and an emphasis on fitness to make you break a sweat and challenge your body.

Thursday4:30-5:30 pmSara H./DavidCycling Studio

Tabata Training

This class will mix up  interval timing and exercises to keep your body guessing! Tabata traditionally consist of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Intervals will range from 20-60 seconds followed by a recovery period. Timed intervals allow you to go at your own pace while challenging yourself with a wide range of cardio and strength exercises.

Monday5-5:50 pmTaylorStudio B
Tuesday7-7:50 pmTaylor/FrankStudio A

Total Tone

This challenging workout is designed to shape, tone and sculpt your body using a variety of exercises and equipment including bands, weights and more

Monday7-7:50 pmMunchieStudio A
Thursday12:15-1 pmWendiStudio A
6-6:50 pmTaylorStudio B
Saturday10:30-11:15 amTaylorStudio A

Triple Threat

Get the best of all worlds in this workout! 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength and 20 minutes of abs. Challenge yourself in this total body conditioning class. 

Friday12:15-1 pmLaurenStudio A

Vinyasa Yoga

This Yoga class is all about movement. Flow from one posture to the next with your breath. Get your heart rate up while building strength and improving flexibility.

Friday5-5:50 pmMCStudio A


This series of carefully designed postures has a strong emphasis on breathing, concentration and flexibility of the body and the mind.

Monday7-7:50 pmDorisCycling Studio
Wednesday12:15-1 pmWendiStudio A
7-7:50 pmDorisStudio A


Get a workout while having fun with this mixture of various dance styles, from Middle Eastern to hip hop. This cardio class will keep you moving!

Monday6-6:50 pmReneeCycling Studio
Wednesday6-6:50 pmDorisStudio B
Saturday9:30-10:15 amReneeStudio A