2011 - The Soloist
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2011 - The Soloist

The true story of journalist Steve Lopez's discovery of Nathanial Ayers, a former classical bass student at Julliard, playing his heart out on a two-string violin on Los Angeles' Skid Row. Deeply affected by the beauty of Ayers music, Lopez took it upon himself to change the prodigy's life-only to find that their relationship would have a profound change on his own life.

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Excerpt from The Soloist

"With his hubcap as a shield and violin bow as a sword, Nathaniel is a bit like Don Quixote, holding to a strict moral and artistic code while everyone around him as fallen. I feel like Sancho Panza, defending the honor of a man who knows so little of his own frailty. As we cut left on the almost satirically named Wall Street, Nathaniel holds up the procession to grab a dustpan and broom from his cart so he can clear the cigarette butts, syringes, and empty cans. He tosses the mess into one of his five gallon saddlebags and we continue along a street that’s a far nicer sight than San Julian. Trees make the difference. Trees and the fact that no one has fallen face-first into rotting trash."