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Students pose for a group photo while on study abroad tripThere's no better way to discover the Keys to the World than through experiences.

Service-learning projects and studying abroad bring the world closer to students and ensures they have a worthwhile learning experience. The Learning Opportunities Center is here to engage and inform students in these experiences, as detailed through the APSU Quality Enhancement Plan.

These experiences are called High-Impact Practices, or HIPs, and they are transformative environments where students evaluate their perspective through reflection, helping them to apply learning in a variety of settings, both academic and non-academic. These experiences allow students to develop valuable critical thinking and self-reflection skills. They also look great on resumes and graduate school applications! 

Designated service learning courses
Countries available for study abroad/exchange courses
Minimum service hours earned through service-learning courses

Have you ever wondered how you will get along in the world after you graduate? Where will you learn to collaborate in a diverse professional environment? How will you gain the confidence and experience to stand out, accomplish your goals, and make an impact on the world around you? Where, exactly, are you supposed to get all of the experience required for job openings while you're in school? Well, let us hand you the Keys to the World!

Students volunteer in London

Academic service-learning is, essentially, a form of experiential learning where students integrate community service with the structured learning taking place in the classroom to enrich their learning of the course material. In addition, Service-Learning helps students develop critical reflection, deepens their understanding of the complex causes of social problems, and enhances their skills in working collaboratively.


Service-Learning is more than just merely volunteering; it provides a level of critical thinking not obtained through regular volunteerism. Since the service is academically anchored, it enhances what students are learning in a class and gives them an opportunity to actively reflect on what they are learning because of the experience.

Claudia Delgado ('16) has used her service learning experience to help give immigrant youth in Tennessee in-state tuition.


students pose for group photo in front of stone henge

Studying abroad isn’t just taking a trip. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the world and gain resume-building experience while earning college credits. And with programs lasting as short as one week and financial aid available, it’s an opportunity you cannot afford to miss!

There are different types of study abroad programs to support students with different goals and needs.