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Dr. Charles B. Woods

Professor of Psychology
Austin Peay State University
Clarksville, TN 37044
Office: Clement 223D

I received my bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Wyoming and my Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Florida.  My dissertation research was in the area of color vision, specifically congenital color vision deficiency. 

My primary teaching responsibilities are General Psychology, Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Research Methods, and Sensory Processes.

Personal interests include triathlon, cycling, and motorcycling.


My research interests are in visual perception.  Most of my research has had the common thread of having a neuropsychology-slant to them.  Past projects have looked at different visual perceptual tasks in individuals with mild to moderate intellectual disability, for example.

Current projects involve collaborating with individuals at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital, to investigate the visual, oculo-motor, and vestibular symptoms associated with mild TBI and imaging brain activity in soldiers with PTSD.

Below is a 3-D representation of electrical activity in 2394 voxels, relative to a normed data base, using LORETA source localization.  Click to animate.

I enjoy designing and implementing experiments in a Matlab environment and then analyzing the data with scripts I write for R.  Below is an R Heat Map showing amount of activity (as a Z-score) at 1-30 Hz by Brodmann area for the left and right hemispheres.  Click for larger image.

Follow this link to the  PERCEPTION LAB