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*Emeritus Faculty




Dr. David Kanervo


David Kanervo, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Political Science


M.A., Ph.D. in Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison 

B.A. in Political Science, Milikin University


 *Current Faculty





Marsha Lyle-Gonga, Ph.D.


Associate Professor of Political Science

Phone: (931) 221-7583

Location: Clement 143B

Email: lylegongam@apsu.edu


Ph.D. in Public Policy & Administration, Walden University

M.S. in Urban Administration, Trinity University

B.A.in Political Science, Our Lady of the Lake University

Research Topics 

Women and Politics

Political Leadership     

Urban Politics             

Public Policy 

dr. anna gregg

 Anna Gregg, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science

Phone: (931) 221-6389

Location: Clement 143G

Email: gregga@apsu.edu




Ph.D. in Political Science, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

M.A. in Public Administration, Southern Illinois University

B.A. in Economics, St. Petersburg Agricultural State University

Research Topics

Institutions and Political  Economies of Post Communist States

Area Specialization in Russia and Post-Soviet States       

Taught at the Leningradski State Regional University from 1998-2001 while conducting field research there.      

International Relations

Dr. Gruszczynski

Michael Gruszczynski, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science 

Phone: (931) 221-7581

Location: Clement 143F

Email: gruszczynskim@apsu.edu


M.A. & Ph.D. in Political Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

B.S. in Political Science, University of Nebraska at Kearney

Research Topics

Political Psychology Political Communication Research Methods

Persistence of Media Controversies in Presidential Elections

The Influence of Polarization on Congressional News Coverage

The Emotional Basis of Political Attitudes


Katherine Hunt, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Phone: (931) 221-6082

Location: Clement 143 B

Email: huntk@apsu.edu


Ph. D. in Political Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

M.A. in Political Science, Arizona State University

B.A. in Political Science, University of Minnesota


Research Topics

Social Movements

Comparative News Media

International Human Rights

Women and Gender in Comparative Perspective

Theories in Power



Matthew Kenney, Ph.D.

Director of the President's Emerging Leaders Program

Professor of Political Science

Phone: (931) 221-6398

Location: Honors Commons

Email: kenneym@apsu.edu



Ph.D. in Political Science, Tulane University

M.A. in Latin American Studies, Tulane University

M.A. in Greek, Tulane University

B.A. in Philosophy, Northwestern University

Research Topics

 Latin American Politics

Politics in Developing Countries

Social Justice and Political Theory

Liberation Theology








 Julia North, J.D.

Adjunct Professor of Political Science

Phone: (931) 221-1248

Location: Clement 143 D

Email: northj@apsu.edu 


J.D. University of Detroit Mercy School of Law

B.S. in Biology, Eastern Michigan University

Research  Topics  

Women and the Law

Family Law






John Phillips, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Phone: (931) 221-6894

Location: Clement 143E

Email: phillipsj@apsu.edu




M.A. & Ph.D. in Political Science, Brown University

B.A. in Political Economy and German, Williams College

Research Topics

 Political Authority

Democratic Theory 

Global Justice 

Distributive Justice in Natural Resources         

Oil Politics            

Property Rights         

Civic Education

Harold Young, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Phone: (931) 221-7059

Location: Clement 143 C

Email: youngh@apsu.edu




Ph.D. in Political Science, Georgia State University

J.D./LL.b Norman Manley Law School in Kingston, Jamaica

M.S. School of Business and Management, National Louis University

B.A. in Political Philosophy, University of Dallas

Research Topics

Judicial Politics

Comparative Courts

Judicial Decision Making

Death Penalty

Responsibility to Protect


 Adjunct Faculty

Jessica Miller
Courses Taught: Introduction to Public Policy, Health Care Policy in the United States, and American National Government
Email: millerj@apsu.edu
Paula Turner
Courses Taught: American National Government, International Politics, Terrorism & Counter Terrorism, U.S. Defense Policy, and Power, Morality, & International Relations
Email: turnerp@apsu.edu
Brandi L. Jones 
Courses Taught: Civil Trial and Appellate Practice, and Juvenile Law
Email: jonesbl@apsu.edu                                       
Deanna Kasitz                                                                            
Courses Taught: American National Government, Intro to Public Policy              
Email: kasitzd@apsu.edu
Shelia Williams                                                                        
Courses Taught: Intro to Legal Assistance & Ethics, Legal Research, LegalWriting                                                                                          
Email: williamss@apsu.edu
Marcelius Braxton                                                                    
Courses Taught: Intro to Public Policy, American National Government                                        
Email: braxtonm@apsu.edu