7:003 Austin Peay State University World Wide Web Policy
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7:003 Austin Peay State University World Wide Web Policy


Austin Peay State
Austin Peay State University World Wide Web Policy

Issued:  March 25, 2017

Responsible Official:  Vice President for External Affairs

Responsible Office:  Public Relations and Marketing


Policy Statement

APSU's website is the primary marketing tool for the University, especially in the context of recruitment of potential students. It is also the primary source for housing information for departments and offices throughout campus for a variety of University academic and business functions.

Because potential students seek out the University’s website for information related their interest in attending APSU, the primary focus of the site should center on consistent, branded messaging that systematically ties to the various marketing pieces used in the recruitment process for the various target groups for university recruitment. 


This policy’s purpose is two-fold. First, it is to provide information to the University community regarding requirements for all official University web pages. Second, it defines the difference between marketing pages that are focused on general recruitment and internal work pages created for the purpose of internal functions for current faculty, staff, and students.


-Linking to Social Media
-Images and Graphics
-Acknowledgment of Sponsorship
-Required Content
-Official Web Page Hosting

-APSU Home Page
-APSU Style Guide
-APSU Web Accessibility Information 



Copyrighted material must not appear on any web page without the permission of and an acknowledgment to the copyright holder.


Advertising is not permitted on APSU websites – unless required by contractual obligations.  Advertising includes linking to websites of individuals or businesses that have provided web design services. Examples of approved contractual obligations or business agreements include the APSU Athletics website, which is outsourced pursuant to the University's Ohio Valley Conference agreement; the APSU Dining Services website and the APSU Bookstore.

Linking to social
media networks

University websites may link to social networks. These links may use images of no larger than 40 X 40 pixels or text.

Images and Graphics

All visuals (images, photos, videos, graphics, etc.) should follow the current APSU Style Guide. 

Acknowledgment of Sponsorships

Sponsor Relationships:  Sponsors may be acknowledged on official APSU websites related to university-sponsored artistic or cultural programs, conferences or special events.  These acknowledgments must be supported by a written agreement between the sponsor and the University that specifies a limited term, typically concluding with the end of an event or series, at which time the acknowledgment should be removed from the website.

Continuous sponsors:  Entities that sponsor the University on a continuous basis may be acknowledged on the website, but must be removed from the website if the sponsorship ends.

Sponsor acknowledgment page:  A website may include a sponsor acknowledgment page.  Sponsors may be acknowledged only on this page and on no other page within the website.  This page should begin with the following statement:  Austin Peay State University greatly appreciates the generous contribution of the following sponsors: and then may list the following for each sponsor:

  • sponsor name
  • sponsor logo
  • Link to sponsor website

Acknowledgments may not include:

  • product names
  • service information
  • call to action
  • comparative or qualitative descriptions of the sponsor’s products, services, facilities, or companies

Design should be in agreement with university branding guidelines.  

Required Content

Every APSU official unit Web page should include:

  • A page title within the <head> tag.
  • A link to the APSU home page (http://www.apsu.edu)
  • The name of the department/office publishing the page
  • A departmental e-mail contact 
  • A link to the department’s home page
  • The following text: "Copyright [current year] by the Austin Peay State University."
  • A link to the University’s nondiscrimination statement and privacy information http://www.apsu.edu/affirmative-action

Home pages should also include the Austin Peay State University wordmark (as governed by the Official Logo Usage and Style Guide: http://www.apsu.edu/pr-marketing).   

Official web page

Every APSU official unit web page must be housed within the university’s web content management system and hosted on the designated university web servers unless an exception has been made by the APSU Executive Director of Public Relations and Marketing. Any requests for exceptions must be submitted in an email to the Executive Director. 


Sensitive date should never be stored on the university website. Any sensitive data such as student academic or personal information, financial transactions, personnel records, etc. should be handled through the appropriate secure systems designated by the University. Any discovery of sensitive data must be immediately reported to the Director of Information Technology Security. For assistance with security issues, contact the Office of Information Technology (I.T.): http://www.apsu.edu/information-technology 


Questions or requests for exceptions concerning this policy should be directed to the Executive Director for Public Relations and Marketing: http://www.apsu.edu/pr-marketing


APSU Home Page


Revision Dates

APSU Policy 7:003 (previously 1:020) - Rev.: March 25, 2017
APSU Policy 7:003 - Rev.: January 14, 2016
APSU Policy 7:003 - Rev.: June 10, 2002
APSU Policy 7:003 - Issued: July 26, 1996

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