5:031 Days of Administrative Closing
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5:031 Days of Administrative Closing


Austin Peay State
Days of Administrative Closing

Issued:  March 25, 2017

Responsible Official:  Vice President for Finance and Administrative

Responsible Office:  Office of Human Resources


Policy Statement

It is the policy of Austin Peay State University to close the University on pre-scheduled administrative closing days, and in the event of an emergency that prevents normal and safe operations.


The purpose of this policy is to establish the criteria and process regarding days of administrative closing at the university.


Administrative Closing
Days Declared in Advance

Administrative Closing Days with Pay

  1. In addition to the seven holidays granted in APSU Policy 5:030, six administrative closing days shall be designated as time off from work with pay for regular full-time and part-time employees.
  2. Certain days, such as the Friday after Thanksgiving Day and those during the week of Christmas when classes are not in session, may be designated as days of administrative closing each year by the President.

Emergency Closing
  1. At times it may be necessary for the President to declare specific hours as emergency closing as the result of inclement weather or other emergency situations.
    1. In such cases, regular full-time and part-time employees on the active payroll who are scheduled to work during the declared times of closing will be granted time off from work with pay.
    2. Employees who are not scheduled to work will not be paid for the emergency closing.
    3. Employees who were previously approved for leave for the duration of the emergency closing will be considered not scheduled to work and will be charged the appropriate leave.
    4. Employees who were previously approved for leave for a portion of the emergency closing will be considered not scheduled to work for the portion of the time that was approved as leave. The employee will be considered scheduled to work for the remainder of the closing.
  2. If an emergency closing has not been declared due to inclement weather and an employee is prevented from reporting to work for his/her normally scheduled working hours, annual leave or leave without pay will be charged; or, the employee may be allowed with institutional approval to make up the time lost.
  3. Regular part-time employees will be affected on a pro rata basis in each of the provisions listed above.

Revision Dates

APSU Policy 5:031 – Issued: March 25, 2017

Subject Areas:

Academic Finance General Human



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