4:007 Access to and Security of Facilities
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4:007 Access to and Security of Facilities


Austin Peay State
Access to and Security of Facilities

Issued:  October 11, 2018

Responsible Official:  Vice President for Finance and Administration

Responsible Office:  Physical Plant and Public Safety


Policy Statement

It is the policy of Austin Peay State University to control access to facilities, buildings and rooms by restricting the issuance of keys and electronic access credentials to authorized personnel only.


The purpose of this policy is to insure necessary safety and security of facilities on the Austin Peay State University Campus.


-Physical Plant
-Public Safety  

-Building Operation Hours
-Locking/Unlocking Buildings and Rooms
-Key Control
-Approving Officials
-Responsibilities of Approving Officials
-Responsibilities of Individuals to Whom Keys are Issued
-Responsibilities of the Public Safety Department
-Responsibilities of the Physical Plant Department

-APSU Physical Plant Website


Keys Physical keys and electronic access credentials
Physical Plant The Austin Peay State University Physical Plant Department
Public Safety The Austin Peay State University Office of Public Safety and Campus Police


Building Operating
Effective control and security of University buildings, and keys to those buildings, are a necessary requirement for the safety and security of University personnel, equipment, and property.
  1. Building Operating Hours
    1. Normal operating hours will be established for each building by the building coordinator.
    2. Exterior doors will be locked and the building secure at all times other than normal operating hours with the following exceptions:
      1. When faculty/staff members are in the building for special activities/events and will be responsible for the security of the facility during this event.
      2. When a student building monitor assigned that responsibility is in the building to perform those functions in 1.B.a. above.

Buildings and Rooms
  1. Unlocking/Locking buildings
    1. Normal Operating Hours (Monday thru Friday):
      1. Primary exterior doors will be unlocked by the electronic access control system
    2. Other than Normal Operating Hours
      1. After hours usage of building should be coordinated with Public Safety.
      2. It is the responsibility of the person or department arranging for the building(s) to be opened to provide monitors to ensure that the buildings are controlled and secure during the event, to clear the building, lock all doors (if they have keys), and notify Public Safety after the event is concluded.
  2. Locking/Unlocking Rooms within a Building
    1. Public Safety will not routinely open rooms within a building. With appropriate approval and confirmation of identity, Public Safety will open a room either during or after normal building operating hours.
    2. During normal operating hours, each department will establish procedures for opening and closing rooms.
    3. During other than normal operating hours, rooms may be opened by:
      1. Faculty/Staff member using their permanently issued keys
      2. Faculty/Staff member using a key temporarily assigned by Public Safety and/or Physical Plant

Key Control
  1. Keys will be issued by the Physical Plant based upon receipt of a properly completed Key Request Form
    1. At no time is a key holder permitted to transfer keys to another employee.  Keys shall be returned to the Physical Plant when an employee leaves the University or changes job functions within the University.
  2. Authority to hold a Grand Master key to all locks of the system will be limited to the Physical Plant Director, the Chief of Campus Police and the President or their designees for use in carrying out their specialized official duties.
  3. Students will obtain residence hall keys directly from Office of Housing, Residence Life and Dining Services and will return these keys to that office when clearing out of the residence hall. Students are not issued keys to other campus facilities except as a temporary requirement when needed as a part-time employee.
  4. Prior to termination and receipt of their final paycheck, all faculty and staff will return all building and office keys for which they are responsible to the Physical Plant. Human Resources will initiate an Exit Clearance Form which will be signed by Physical Plant personnel, indicating all keys have been accounted for. If an assigned key is not returned, a fee will be levied for replacement of key and necessary re-keying. The fee for replacement of keys and re-keying can be found on the Physical Plant’s website.
  5. The loss (or discovery) of a campus key will be reported immediately to Public Safety. The following additional procedures apply:
    1. Within five (5) work days of the telephone report, the key assignee will render a written report to his/her supervisor and to Public Safety, outlining circumstances of loss and affirming that if the key is recovered, it will be returned.
    2. A replacement key will not be issued until the required written report cited above is received and approval is granted to issue a duplicate key.
    3. It is the department's responsibility to see that employees follow proper procedures in returning keys to Physical Plant upon termination or transfer.
    4. For building master keys or grand master keys, an ad-hoc committee will determine the extent of rekeying necessary, considering the type of key(s) lost and the potential risk to the University. The ad-hoc committee shall consist of at least three of the following individuals or their designees (Physical Plant Director, Physical Plant Operations Manager, Campus Police Director, Associate Vice President Finance and Administration, and/or Building Security Coordinator of affected building).
  6. Lock change requests will be directed to Physical Plant, outlining the building, space and doors where changes are desired, reasons for change and fund account(s) to which costs are to be charged.
  7. When a higher degree of security for funds, drugs, chemicals, records, etc., is needed, Public Safety will be notified and assistance will be provided in determining the level of security needed.
  8. Emergency keyed lock boxes will be placed in all student dormitories and other campus housing with functioning elevators.  Placement of lock boxes must be in accordance with T.C.A. §49-7-136. Fire service keys and drop keys for the adjacent elevator(s) will be placed in the lock boxes.
Approving Officials The following officials are authorized to approve the issuance of keys as indicated:
  1. Grand Master - President or Vice President for Finance and Administration
  2. Building Master - Vice Presidents
  3. Departmental Master - Dean or Department Head
  4. Individual Interior Doors - Dean or Department Head
  5. Building Entrance - Dean or Department Head
Building master keys and entrance keys should be issued to full time personnel only.

Responsibilities of
Approving Officials
Approving officials are responsible for the following:
  1. Designate those individuals whose duties require keys.
  2. File a report with Public Safety for all incidents of lost keys. Each report should contain the following information:
    1. Name of individual to whom the key was issued.
    2. Room, building or area to which the key provided access.
    3. Date loss discovered and circumstances concerning the loss.

Responsibilities of
Individuals to Whom
Keys are Issued
The following regulations apply to all individuals to whom University keys are issued:
  1. Personnel to whom keys are issued are responsible for their physical security. The loss of a University key must be reported immediately to the employee’s supervisor and Public Safety.
  2. The duplication of any University key by anyone other than Physical Plant is prohibited.
  3. Keys and access control credentials issued to faculty and staff are for their official use on the Austin Peay campus. The keys and access control credentials remain the property of the University and must be returned to Physical Plant upon termination or transfer, etc. Failure to return the ID and keys will subject the individual to penalties and restrictions outlined elsewhere in this document.
Responsibilities of the
Public Safety
Individuals who do not possess University keys and need to enter a University building may request assistance from Public Safety. Upon receipt of such requests, Public Safety personnel will make positive identification of the individual and, if appropriate, secure permission from a proper University official before providing admission to the building or rooms.

Responsibilities of the
Physical Plant
The Physical Plant is responsible for the production of keys. The duplication of University keys by any other person or department is prohibited. The Physical Plant Department will maintain a current inventory of all keys issued. The use of privately-owned locks on University facilities, buildings, rooms, etc. is not permitted.

Contractors When access to University facilities is required in connection with a contracted project, the Director of Physical Plant or the Director of University Design and Construction will coordinate the contractor's access requirements and communicate requirements with Public Safety. Upon completion of their need for University keys, the Director of Physical Plant or the Director of University Design and Construction will ensure that keys are returned.  


APSU Physical
Plant Website

Revision Dates

APSU Policy 4:007 – Rev.: October 11, 2018
APSU Policy 4:007 – Rev.: February 2, 2017
APSU Policy 4:007 – Rev.: January 14, 2016
APSU Policy 4:007 – Rev.: January 24, 2007
APSU Policy 4:007 – Issued: January 22, 2002

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