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Presidential Research Scholars Program

Friday, February 5 by 4:00pm

What is the PRS Program?

The Presidential Research Scholars Program provides $3000 to student-faculty teams in support of scholarly and creative activity.  The Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity committee requests applications for the next award period from May 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017.  On April 8, 2016, the committee will announce the next group of Research Scholars and provide $3000 in support of each independent undergraduate project. All full-time undergraduate students with the support of a faculty mentor are eligible to apply.  The application deadline is Friday, February 5, 2016.

  The PRS program let’s you step out and get a new view on a question you’re interested in."  

 - Jennifer Whitcomb-Oliva, BA Theatre and Dance, Presidential Research Scholar 2008-2009

Want to learn more?

READ THIS FIRST:  Program Description and Instructions


  • Promote independent research and creative activity with scholarly merit.

  • Support the incorporation of research training into the collegiate educational experience.

  • Encourage collaboration between faculty and student researchers. 

  • Provide students with experience in a competitive proposal process.



  • The student applicant must be a full-time undergraduate student with support of a faculty member who is committed to serve as a research mentor.

  • The project scope and magnitude should be sufficient to justify a work timetable of approximately 250 hours.

  • Research must be conducted at Austin Peay State University or at a field site under the direct supervision of the faculty mentor.

  • The applicant is expected to be the primary author of the cover letter and project narrative with guidance and assistance from the faculty mentor. For projects proposing the use of human research subjects or animals, a copy of the IACUC or APSU Institutional Review Board approval for the project must be included.

  • The student applicant must request evaluation by three faculty members, including the faculty mentor, and obtain a signature of support from the research department's Department Chair.

  • Each Presidential Research Scholar will participate in the APSU Research and Creativity Forum and complete an evaluation at the end of the project period.


  • The proposal components are complete, well-written, and clearly presented.
  • The project represents an original scholarly plan with the potential to make a contribution to the body of knowledge in the discipline in which the project will be conducted.
  • The project addresses a clearly defined problem with an appropriate literature review demonstrating the connections between the proposed work and the body of knowledge in the field.

  • The proposed methods are appropriate to the discipline and problem and are likely to produce meaningful results.

  • The project has a clearly-defined, feasible plan of work including a timetable for completion of various goals and a budget.


Questions regarding application procedures may be directed to Laura Zahn (, 931-221-7625).

Questions regarding the APSU Institutional Review Board may be directed to Dr. Jonniann Butterfield ( Further information about obtaining approvals from the APSU-IRB may be obtained at: 

Questions regarding the APSU Animal Care and Use Committee may be directed to Dr. Gilbert Pitts (  Further information about obtaining approvals from the APSU Animal Use and Care Committee may be obtained at: 


Proposals should be submitted >>HERE by Friday, February 5, 2016 at 4:00pm.  See the Program Description and Instructions for complete details.


If you’ve got a creative and interesting idea, definitely apply to the PRS program.  Don’t second guess yourself.   If you have just the start of something, write down your good beginning and send it in!"    

 - Jennifer Whitcomb-Oliva