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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Freshman Orientation?

Details coming soon!

Do I have to attend Freshman Orientation?

Simply put: yes. All new freshman must attend Freshman Orientation, which leads us to the next question...

Why is Freshman Orientation required?

Your transition to APSU will be smoother because you participated in Freshman Orientation. During orientation, you'll begin to understand what is expected of you as a college student, get a feel for the campus culture and learn about APSU traditions. You also will meet with your APSU 1000 class, getting to know your instructor, peer mentor and classmates.

What time is check-in?

Check-in will start at 8:00am in the Morgan University Center Plaza. Freshman Convocation will start promptly at 9:00am, so be sure to arrive early! 

How will Freshman Orientation help me?

The more you know about what to expect at APSU, the better you'll feel about starting classes, joining student organizations, living in residence halls and, in general, becoming a Governor. Since fall classes won't be in session yet, orientation is the perfect time to figure out the campus, meet other new students and get a feel for the city. Then, when classes do begin, you won't have to worry about not knowing anyone or getting lost on campus or in Clarksville. 

If you have additional questions:

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