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D2L Video Tutorials for Students

Here you will find valuable videos for the D2L learning management system where all your online course content lives.  Please watch the video tutorials below to learn how to use D2L in your classes. You may also self register for the D2L Student Tutorials shell inside D2L following these Self Registration Instructions(opens new window).  Please contact Distance Education Support below if you still have questions. *Note: All links open in new windows.

Distance Education Support
931-221-6625 or On Campus Ext. 6625
Distance Education Ticketing System

Visit Distance Education Support in the McReynolds Building Room 216, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.

Below is a video on the new update to the D2L Daylight user interface.

Other Video Tutorials

These videos are made available by D2L directly.  You can view the entire playlist on YouTube.  Select videos are highlighted below for the most used tools.


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