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Learning Management System Evaluation & RFP

In the 2017-2018 academic year, APSU will evaluate D2L as it relates to our institutional needs, as well as alternative platforms.  In 2018, APSU’s D2L contract will be up for renewal. This evaluation process is standard and does not necessarily mean APSU will move away from D2L. A request for proposals (RFPs) was advertised in the Fall 2017 semester for learning management system platforms. View the Learning Management System RFP.

Fall 2017 (September - December)

  • Convene LMS Evaluation Taskforce
  • Explore acquisition options
  • Advertise RFP
  • Explore RFP respondents' platforms
  • LMS Task Force and RFP Committee will explore LMS platforms identified via RFP proposal

Spring 2018 (January - May)

  • Explore RFP respondents' platforms
  • Live demonstrations by RFP respondents for all of APSU community
  • Finalize purchasing process
  • Begin SIS/LMS configuration
  • Begin External Learning Tool/LMS integrations
  • Begin data migration
  • Verify integrity of migrated data
  • Start planning data recovery/historical data acquisition

Summer 2018 (June - August)

  • Train stakeholders
  • Continue recovering historical data
  • Roll-out of chosen LMS

The LMS Evaluation Task Force is comprised of faculty, staff and students. They will be responsible for vetting and approving technical specs for the RFP.

LMS Task Force Members

  • Marcy Maurer, Professor & Chair of Health and Human Performance
  • Bruce Myers, Professor & Chair of Computer Science & Information Technology
  • Robert Baron, Professor & Graduate Coordinator of Department of Communication
  • Judy Molnar, Associate Vice President & Chief Information Officer
  • Kathryn Zimmerman, Associate Professor, School of Nursing
  • Larry Lowrance, Professor, Department of Educational Specialties
  • Joanna Humphrey, Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Specialties
  • Allie Michael, Learning Opportunities Coordinator
  • Amanda Walker, Director of Career Services
  • David Sanford, Adaptive Technology Coordinator, Office of Disability Services
  • Duane Kessler, Graduate Student Volunteer
  • Jordan Reedy, SGA Vice President
  • Ron Harper, Undergraduate Student Volunteer
  • Natalie Castillo, Undergraduate Student Volunteer

The Request for Proposal (RFP) committee will be responsible for taking part in the RFP process for Learning Management Systems. An RFP is a standard purchasing procedure, and the RFP was advertised on October 3, 2017. This committee will review respondent's proposals, and will meet regularly with the LMS Task Force to keep them informed of progress. In Spring of 2018, the RFP committee will select and announce the final candidate.

RFP Members

  • Coming soon (October 31, 2017)
The LMS Demo Schedule is tentatively scheduled for the week of January 22-26, 2018. Please check back for updates regarding scheduled demonstrations.

Why is APSU evaluating our LMS?

  • D2L contract is up for renewal. This is a standard process, and APSU is not necessarily leaving D2L.

When will the evaluation take place?

  • The entire process will be happening between Fall 2017- August 2018. Please refer to the timeline above for more details.

If I am not on the LMS Task Force Committee or the RFP committee, can I still be involved in the evaluation?

  • Yes! You can attend the demo sessions and complete paper or electronic feedback forms.

Who should I contact for questions regarding LMS Evaluation?

  • Contact the Distance Education department at online@apsu.edu or (931) 221-6625 with any questions.