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Distance Education 

Quality Matters (QM) Course Review Process 


The Department of Distance Education is committed to the quality of online and hybrid courses at Austin Peay State University (APSU) and aims to achieve the following targets:

To work towards these targets, DE is seeking faculty to participate in the QM Course Review Process.  Faculty members who complete the course review process will receive compensation, professional development, and courses will obtain official QM certification.

Who Can Apply

Full-time and adjunct faculty teaching online and/or hybrid courses at APSU.  All faculty will require approval from their department chair before being considered for admission into the course review program.

Course Selection Criteria

To be eligible for the course review process, you must submit an online application form to the DE with permission from your department chair.  The course selection criteria checklist is as follows:

QM Internal Course Review Process 


  1. DE reserves the right to refuse a course review application and/or close the application process at any time.
  2. Only fully developed online or hybrid courses will be considered for the course review process.
  3. DE will pay for QM Training Workshops only once. If the instructor does not complete or pass they will have to retake it at their own cost.
  4. Non-participation after selection will result in cancellation of the course review. Faculty-QM Coordinator meetings will be used to determine participation in the process and assist faculty in setting and meeting deadlines.
  5. Compensation will only be given to instructors whose courses become QM certified.

Submit Your Course Review Application

Please complete the QM Course Review Application to begin the process.