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Student Nursing Association (SNA)

Dear Future Nurse:

On behalf of the Student Nursing Association (SNA), I would like to congratulate you on taking this exciting first step toward an exciting and rewarding future!  The friendships, bonds, and affiliations that you form during this time will have a major impact on your future success.  The SNA would like you to know that we are here to help you succeed. 

The SNA is a non-profit student organization dedicated to developing students into future nurses and nurse leaders for the benefit of community health and wellness. 

The SNA will normally meet once a month on a Monday in the second floor of the McCord building.  These meetings allow you the opportunity to help us choose future events as well as volunteer for upcoming events, faculty committees, and cohort/class representatives.  Volunteer hours are tracked and accumulated while you are in school and represent community service on your resume.  In previous years, the SNA has participated in such activities as the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, the Glow Run, many American Red Cross blood drives, the Polar Plunge and even a pie in the face of one of our professors!

We would like you to know that you do not need to wait until the fall semester begins to contact us.  We have several pages on Facebook to connect you with other members as well as other students within your class.  Any of the following links will allow you to request access to these pages.

The School of Nursing page can be found at 

The SNA Fundamentals Class page can be found at  

The SNA page can be found at

The SON Exchange page (used for the exchange of all Nursing School related supplies such as books, used clinical uniforms and stethoscopes) can be found at

Lastly, we can also be found on PeayLink at 

As a nursing student, you are already a part of this organization and can include it on your resume as a non-paid member.  Paid memberships are available at a national level.  Information on paid memberships can be found at

Again, congratulations!  We look forward to meeting you and your family at the School of Nursing Open House.


Tina Porter
Public Relations Officer
Student Nurses Association