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Family Nurse Practitioner Concentration

The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Concentration provides comprehensive primary health care services to individuals from infancy through adulthood. FNPs are prepared to provide care to individuals with acute illnesses such as bronchitis or headache and chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. Additionally, they provide preventive health services, patient education, disease management, illness prevention, and other kinds of care provided within the context of family and community. Family Nurse Practitioners are among those who, according to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), contribute significantly to providing health care to underserved populations residing in both urban and rural settings.


Core Requirements

Course Number & NameCredit Hours
NURS 5000 Theoretical Foundations3
NURS 5001 Health Care Policy3
NURS 5002 Advanced Nursing Research3
NURS 5003 Advanced Role Development3
NURS 5990 Scholarly Synthesis/Research3
Total Hours15

Specialty Requirements 

Course Number & NameCredit Hours

NURS 5101 Advanced Health Assessment


NURS 5102 Advanced Health Assessment Clinical

NURS 5103 Advanced Pathophysiology3

NURS 5104 Advanced Pharmacology

Total Hours10

Family Nurse Practitioner Courses 

Course Number & NameCredit Hours
NURS 5601 FNP I Women's Health 3
NURS 5602 FNP I Clinica2
NURS 5603 FNP II Adult/Geriatric Health 3
NURS 5604 FNP II Clinical 4
NURS 5605 FNP III Pediatric Health3
NURS 5606 FNP III Clinical 2
Total Hours17

Advanced Family Nurse Practicum Requirements 

Course Number & NameCredit Hours
NURS 5609 Advanced FNP Practicum 4
Total Hours4

Program Hours 

FNP Concentration Credit Hours 46
FNP Practicum 4
Total Practice Contact Hours 780

Special Instructions for FNP Students Regarding Clinical Preceptorships

A preceptor must be an MD, DO, Nurse Practitioner or a Master's prepared Physician's Assistant. A Nurse Practitioner must be used as a preceptor during at least one clinical experience.

  •  Upon approval of FNP coordinator and faculty of record, urgent care clinics can be used for up to 80 hours of the required 240 clinical hours in an FNP II (Adult/Gero) and FNP practicum.
  •  Upon approval of FNP coordinator and faculty of record, an FNP practicum student may attend 40 hours of the 240 required clinical hours in a specialty area of choice, not to include the 80 hours in urgent or episodic care clinics.
  •  Effective Spring semester 2014, FNP I (Women's Health) clinical students must participate in and document the care of 10 pre- and/or postnatal patients.

FNP students are required to wear name tags at all times during their clinical preceptorships. Name tags can be purchased at an office supply company and should include the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Student Home School 
  • FNP Student

FNP Concentration Coordinators

Concentration coordinators are responsible for approving all clinical sites and preceptors. For questions related to approval of sites, please contact your respective coordinator.

 Dr. Michelle Robertson

Sample Sequence of Study

The links below provide students with a suggested sequence of study based upon semester of program entry and part-time or full-time status.