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RN-BSN Completion Track

The RN-BSN track is for the registered nurse with an active, unencumbered licenses or new graduates with an ADN or AAS who are eligible for licensure. Nurses wishing to further their education through the completion of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing find the online 24-hour accessibility of all coursework convenient and manageable. 

BSN graduates gain exposure to a wider range of nursing competencies not typically taught in an associate degree program:

Statewide Articulation Agreement

APSU participates in a statewide articulation agreement for RN-BSN students. These voluntary articulation plans and models are developed collaboratively with nurse educators, regulators, such as the Tennessee Board of Nursing, legislators, and stakeholders with a goal of enhancing the educational mobility for RN’s. The agreements guide credit transfer between associate degree and baccalaureate degree programs and admission decisions. The agreements eliminate curricular redundancy, streamline the application process and promote collaboration among institutions and educators.

To be eligible for admission:

Admission Process

The application process is easy and all online. Follow the steps below. 

RN-BSN Curriculum 

The RN-BSN curriculum has been designed with the working RN in mind. Follow this link to Course Descriptions.  Course Descriptions 

NURS 3300 Concepts of Professional Nursing for RNs                                 3 Hours 
NURS 3380 Pathophysiology for RNs   2 Hours 
NURS 3390/3391 Nursing Assessment for RNs/Lab     4 Hour
NURS 3310 Research for RNs   3 Hour
NURS 4350 Community Nursing for RNs   3 Hours
NURS 4351 Community Nursing for RNs Clinical   3 Hours 
NURS 4380 Trends & Issues for RNs   3 Hours
NURS 4370 Leadership for RNs   3 Hours
NURS 4371 Leadership for RNs / Clinical   3 Hours
Electives (Choose One)    
  NURS 3341 Holistic Nursing for RNs   3 Hours
NURS 3342 Transcultural Nursing for RNs   3 Hours
NURS 3343 Emergency Room Nursing for RNs   3 Hours

Sample Progression Plans

Full TIme
Semester I          Semester 2            
                          Fall I           Spring I     
  NURS 3300       3 Hrs       NURS 4370      3 Hrs
  NURS 4350   3 Hrs   NURS 3380   2 Hrs
  Fall II        Spring II     
  NURS 4351   3 Hrs   NURS 4371   3 Hrs
  NURS 3310   3 Hrs   NURS 3390/3391   4 Hrs
  Elective   3 Hrs  

NURS 4380 

  3 Hrs 
      15 Hrs       15 Hrs
                          Semester 1                                   Semester 2    
  Fall I        Spring I     
  NURS 3300     3 Hrs     NURS 4350     3 Hrs
  NURS 3380   2 Hrs        
  Fall II        Spring II    
  NURS 3390/3391   4 Hrs    NURS 4351     3 Hrs
          NURS 3310   3 Hrs
      9 Hrs       9 Hrs
  Semester III       Semester IV    
  Summer        Fall I     
  NURS 4380 3 Hrs     NURS 4370   3 Hrs
  Elective 3 Hrs          
          Fall II     
          NURS 4371   3 Hrs
    6 Hrs         6 Hrs


Pre-requisites for the RN-BSN track (Must have a “C” or better)

Anatomy and Physiology I & II (Including lab)  


8 Hours 

Microbiology (Including lab) 


4 Hours



3 Hours

General Psychology


3 Hours

Developmental Psychology


3 Hours



3 Hours

English Composition I & II


6 Hours



3 Hours

Public Speaking 


3 Hours



6 Hours



6 Hours

*Art, Music, or Theatre Appreciation or a Philosophy course

Questions and Comments

If there are further questions or if you would like to leave a comment please, email, RNtoBSN@apsu.edu