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Husband of an APSU nontraditional student cooks hotdogs on the grill banner with cards and yarn


The following programs specifically planned for Nontraditional students occur every semester. Programs are funded by student fees and all students are welcome. Why so much emphasis on extra-curricular activity? Because students who get involved tend to complete their studies. There is a direct causal relationship between your social experience at school and your academic success.

Even though involvement can be difficult, it is easily accomplished by just attending a one-shot program, a sporting event, or even the gym. All of these activities statistically improve the chances for completion. 

Check out what is being sponsored by The Adult and Nontraditional Student Society

List of Fall Programs

Poker & Craft Night Tuesday Oct 7th 6:30pm-8:30pm room 312 MUC

CoffeeBREAK this Wednesday 8:30am till gone ANTS Center

Take Me Out to The Ballgame Volleyball Oct 9th, 6pm at the Dunn Center register for food

Family Movie Night Oct 16th, 6pm room 103 MUC Book of Life

CoffeeBREAK Oct 21st, 8:30am till gone ANTS Center

Chili and Grilled Cheese fundraiser NTSS and ANTS Oct 27th

Make a Note

Nontraditional Student week is November 2nd – 6th