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Nontraditional Student Luncheon Series

Each semester the ANTS Center hosts three luncheons chock full of information that nontraditional students can use as they navigate college life. The luncheons start at 12:00pm sharp and are over in time for your 1:00pm class. The alternate days of the week to give everyone a chance to attend at least one. See below for the Fall 2013 schedule. Luncheons are free and easy to sign up for. Use the web form link below each program listed here to sign up for Fall 2013 luncheons, you will get a reminder email the day before so you don't go and pack a lunch! But if you do, you can always store it in the ANTS Center refrigerator for the next day. 

All of the following programs are in the Morgan University Center Room 312

Thursday April 24, 2014 - Paws to Care. Have you seen cats on your way to class? Ever wondered where they came from, and what they do at night when you are not here? The feral cat population on Austin Peay Campus is an ongoing problem that requires creative and humane thinking. Paws to Care was developed to capture, neuter, and release adult cats at Austin Peay and to find homes for the cudly results of those cats that are, thus far, too wily to catch. Come here all about the adventures of Austin Peay's Paws to Care organization. Featured lunch TBA

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