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graphic banner for Helping Hands Banquet

Helping Hands Nomination Form

The Helping Hands Award Ceremony

Presented by Student Life & Engagement


The Adult & Nontraditional Student Center

Nomination Form (read carefully)

You must have graduated Dec. 2016, or graduate in May 2017. Winners will be selected based on compelling stories of real sacrifice made to support you as a student.  Whole families and group nominations will not be accepted.  You may nominate more than one person but must use a separate form and only one of your nominations can be selected for the event. What you write on the form, will be read out loud at the Banquet.

If your nominee is chosen they will receive an invitation to the banquet on behalf of you and the university.  If your nominee is unable to attend due to deployment or other reasons, you will be able to invite a proxy to receive the award for them. Please consider childcare as you make your plans, the banquet will only be for the student and their one honoree/proxy.