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Adult Cafe

Adult Cafe is now accepting member applications for 2016/17

Adult Cafe is a program designed for new students who have more than 60 credits left to complete and want the support and appreciative advising they deserve for tackling college!

Students who participate will receive a $200 book stipend at the end of the program in the form of a gift card to the Ann Ross Bookstore.

Students who join will be expected to attend all the meetings over the course of the next year, approximately 12 one hour meetings  with their group and Adult Cafe leader. They will be expected to fully participate in pre and post evaluations of the program and they will be supportive of their peer participants.

The expected outcome for students who join will be a higher rate of retention and success. That will occur for the following reasons:

  • Students will meet multiple campus peers, creating a more supportive campus environment.
  • Students will have knowledge of all resources, both academic and personal, available to them for success.
  • Discussions will focus on understanding of what is needed for degree attainment and sharing with others, career goals.

for questions call the A.N.T.S. Center 221-6854

To become an Adult Cafe Leader, You may see if you qualify and apply here!