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Time to dial for dollars

September 10, 2001

This year's Phonathon, the University's annual effort to ask alumni for contributions to scholarship funds, will be held Sept. 24 through Oct. 18, from 6-9 p.m. in the McCord building.

Last year's effort raised a record $156,406 in donations with assistance from approximately 30 faculty/staff and 40 students.

All donations solicited by faculty/staff will be designated for that department's scholarship fund or to a fund established by that department, unless otherwise requested by the donor.

Funds can be non-endowed, which allows awards to be given out immediately. Or they can be endowed, in which case the awarding of scholarships is deferred until the fund is generating enough interest to cover the award.

Last year, Lawrence Baggett in accounting was the top faculty caller, raising more than $17,000 for his department. “The Phonathon is a great opportunity to make contact with our alumni and let them know what's happening in your department and at the University,” says Shelia Boone, director of alumni and annual giving. “Alums thoroughly enjoy talking with their former professors!”

Even more important, she adds, it's a way to assure that deserving students have the financial resources to pursue an education.

Refreshments will be offered each evening, and prizes will be awarded to the top three faculty/staff callers.

Those interested in participating should contact Boone as soon as possible with their preferred date(s) of participation.

To ensure that all phones are being used each evening, callers are asked to commit to at least two hours on the nights they're scheduled.

Questions? Call 1279 or e-mail Boone at