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Inclement Weather? Tune in for APSU closings, delays

December 10, 2001

The recent spring-like weather tends to make us forget that snow and ice storms are likely to occur between January and April.

APSU officials decide whether or not to cancel or delay classes in the event of potentially hazardous roads, and efforts are made to notify area media quickly.

However, there may be an unavoidable delay before the cancellation/delay information is announced on radio and television, especially when many organizations and schools are calling stations, simultaneously. A storm also may cause an electrical outage.

When the weather is "iffy," check several media sources. All announcements are provided to Nashville TV Channels 2, 4, 5 and 17 and TV-43, as well as the following radio stations: WAPX, WDKN, WJZM, WSM, WLAC, WJZC, WKDF, WGFX, WJMR, WCVQ, WVVR, WBVR, WDXN, WZZP, WHOP, WHVO, WNKJ, WKVW, WEKT.

"The Leaf-Chronicle" and other print media are notified, depending on the time of the storm and the time when the decision to cancel or delay is made.