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Instrumental Conducting Concentration

This program is designed to meet the needs of musicians seeking to focus on instrumental conducting. Some choose this concentration simply to to hone their skills as teachers and conductors while others use the program to prepare for doctoral study in instrumental conducting.  Students will be required to do a conducting audition on campus with a student ensemble. 

While some courses can be completed in the summer, this concentration requires a significant amount fall/spring semester coursework on campus.

Diagnostic examinations in music history and music theory are given to all entering graduate students on the day prior to the starting date of each semester.  The results will assist the faculty in helping the student plan appropriate courses in the program of study. Deficiencies may be made-up after matriculation; however, no graduate credit will be allowed for such work.

Students who elect to not write a thesis must complete a research paper that must be approved by the major advisor in consultation with the other members of the student's graduate committee. All students are required  to pass an oral examination.


Required Core:  
MUS 5000 Research in Music 3 hours
MUS 5060 Music Analysis 3 hours
MUS 5260 Instrumental Methods 3 hours
MUS 5420 Symphonic Literature 3 hours
MUS 5550 Music for the Band 3 hours
MUS 5800 Advanced Conducting 3 hours
MUS 5820 Conducting Practicum 2 hours
MUS 5930 Graduate Recital 2 hours
MUS Electives (preferably Ensembles) 2 hours
Group A-Select three hours from:  
MUS 5070 Music Analysis 3 hours
MUS 5110 Composition 3 hours
MUS 5120 Composition 3 hours
MUS 5320 Guitar Literature 3 hours
MUS 5330 Music before 3 hours
MUS 5340 Music from 1750-1900 3 hours
MUS 5350 Music after 1900 3 hours
MUS 5430 Chamber Music Literature 3 hours
MUS 5450 Opera Literature 3 hours
MUS 5460 Music of Many Cultures 3 hours
MUS 5810 Orchestration 3 hours
MUS Individual Instruction 1-4 hours
Group B-Select six hours from the following or any remaining course in Group A:  
MUS 5010 Directed Studies in 3 hours
MUS 5020 Directed Studies in Music 3 hours
MUS 5050 Seminar in Music Education 3 hours
MUS 5140 Marching Band Techniques 3 hours
MUS 5160 Technology in the Music Classroom 3 hours
MUS 5380 Choral Methods 3 hours
MUS 5390 Choral Literature 3 hours
  33 hours