Music GTA Online Application Form
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Music GTA Online Application Form

Fill in the form below. Consider the various duties that are assigned to Graduate Teaching Assistants at Austin Peay. Thinking of your principal strengths and weaknesses, offer a written account below those items for which you feel particularly suited. If you have additional skills, qualifications, or relevant work experience that does not appear in earlier submissions (but that you feel the Committee may wish to consider), you should include that information in "Other qualifications" at the end of the form.

Those interested in GTAs should consult departmental audition requirements and make a formal application to the College of Graduate Studies.

For more information, contact:

Austin Peay State University
Department of Music, P.O. Box 4625
Clarksville, TN 37044.
P: 931-221- 7818
F: 931-221-7529


After your personal and contact information has been submitted, thefirst large textbox that appears is entitled: Management, Recruiting, Program Development. In this textbox, list only items in which you have an interest or for which you have related experience. Applicants should list duties in order of preference. For example: "From the list of duties in the list provided above I am especially interested in being considered for numbers 7, 3, and 2 (in order of preference)." Applicants should say why they believe they would be a strong applicant for each of their preferred duties, including relevant work experience, special skills, personal interests and traits, etc.

  1. Representing department at conferences and college fairs.
  2. Enhancing alumni relations programming (assisting with phone campaigns, developing alumni success story videos and web pages, assisting with alumni guest recitals, speaking engagements, convocations etc.).
  3. Organizing, collecting, and editing content for the Alumni E-Newsletter.
  4. Assisting with audition days, invitational events, and honor festivals.
  5. Assisting with implementation of community outreach and audience development efforts.
  6. Assisting with management of departmental facilities and instruments.
  7. Serving as a music admissions assistant (maintaining prospective student database, corresponding with high school students, arranging visits, etc.)
  8. Managing social media program and assisting with efforts to enhance Departmental web presence.
  9. Assisting with music career development initiatives, including entrepreneurship programs and internships
Please send a copy of your curriculum vitae to, and