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By submitting this application the applicant agrees to the following:

1.  I have read and understand the requirements for the Texts for Vets programs under the Texts for Vets Information (<click here) tab before completing an application.

2. I have reviewed book availability under the Texts for Vets List of Books tab (<click here) before completing an application form.

3. I am aware that textbook(s) must be picked up and returned in person with APSU Student ID at the Library by deadlines.

4. I will be responsible for returning the textbook(s) in the same condition that it was in when I checked it out and I will sign textbook(s) back in with an authorized Library employee.

5.  I will be responsible for payment of charges as a result of damages and/or loss of textbook(s).

6.  I am aware that one application is required per textbook request and I will be contacted via phone only when the application has been processed at which point I will have 48 hours to pick up textbook(s).

7.  I understand that if the information provided on the application is not accurate, the application will be voided.

8. I am aware that if I return the textbook(s) after the due date that I will be banned from utilizing these services for 90 days after the return date. If a pattern of disregard for these rules is displayed, you may be permanently banned from utilizing these services. 

9. I am aware that failure to comply with these requirements will result in a hold on my student account and/or I will be found in violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Holds placed due to unreturned textbooks will be lifted within 24 hours. 

10. If a student drops a class they must return the book ASAP so another student has the opportunity to sign it out.

Understand and Agree with above Requirements?
Please provide a phone number that we can use to reach you regarding your rentals.
Semester checked out for. Please select the CORRECT term you're taking.
title, authors, edition, volume, etc. NOT COURSE NAME/CODE
Military Affiliated?
Were you or your spouse/parent/guardian/close relative ever a member of the military?
What VA/DOD Education Benefit are you currently using
How did you hear about the MSC/TFV program?
please indicate the most correct answer for you
I understand that all textbooks need to be returned by the end of the semester I requested them for.