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Contract Release REQUEST form

The contract you enter with Housing is  for an academic year (August - May).

However, under certain documented circumstances a student may be released from his/her contract.

In order to request a release, you must complete the information below and attach ALL supporting documentation.

Your documentation must support the reason(s) you are requesting a contact release.

Below are EXAMPLES of the types of documentation students have provided in the past in support of their release request. This list is not inclusive of all types of supporting documentation. We strongly encourage you to provide any official documentation that you feel supports your request. Please note that a letter from you, although it may give more detail regarding your situation, is not considered official documentation.

Please contact our office if you  have any questions.


  • Graduation/Non Enrollment

-Contract release is pending verification of student's  non enrollment for the next semester. Example of supporting documentation:  copy of degree evaluation from Self Service account.

  • Withdrawal from the university

-Contract release is pending verification of student's  withdrawal for the next semester. Example of supporting documentation: print out from Self Service account showing withdrawal from all classes

  • Medical Release (including pregnancy)

-Documentation regarding medical issue must be provided  on official letterhead including a contact number for physician or doctor's  office

-Medical documentation must be dated within  two (2) weeks of contract release request

  • Change in Family Status

-Marriage- Certificate of Matrimony must be provided

  • Change in Financial Status

-Proof of change including  documentation of financial status prior to change and documentation of financial status after the change. Examples include documentation from student's Self Service account showing financial aid package.

-Financial change must exceed the cost of housing and meal plan

-Change in Financial Status for Parent/Guardian

- lf for medical reasons, medical documentation must be included on official physician's letterhead  including a contact number for physician or doctor's office

-If for job status change (lay off, retirement, etc) of parent, official documentation from previous employer outlining change in job status and resulting financial status

  • Internship/Co-Op

-Letter from department required

  • Student Teaching

-Documentation from academic department/Internship Supervisor