2014-2015 QEP Funded Projects
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2014-2015 QEP Funded Projects

Explore Activities Grant

This grant was designed to encourage conversation and collaboration among faculty, staff and students regarding the E^3 Initiative. It sought to generate excitement and enthusiasm in the possibilities for APSU to provide students with opportunities that transform perspective while engaging in the practical application of learning. These grants were small in scope and duration and were open to faculty, staff and students. They were seen as seed money for activities that could lead to potential and/or existing high-impact practices. 

Title of Project

Principle Investigator

# of Students Involved

Total Awarded

APSU Beef Cattle Show Team Lucas Haley, Rodney Mills 9 $10,000
The Big Event Zac Gillman, Ashlee Spearman 500 $10,000
Military Affiliated Orientation Program Lauren Murton, Jasmin Linares, Ashlee Spearman 66 $4,850
Chemists Without Borders Invited Speaker Leslie Hiatt, Kathy Le 48 $1,250
Making a Successful Transition to Life After College Amanda Walker 25 $6,300
Research & Creativity Forum Christopher Gentry 18 $7,500
Today's Explorers, Tomorrow's Leaders Amber Kirk, Dustin Mock, Brennan Armshaw, Lauren Jones, Leah Burgess, Jessica Hatz, Adrianne Sanders, Uma Iyer 50 $4,560
Autism Initiative Part I Gina Grogan, Janet Norman 17 $5,016
Interdisciplinary CoSM Film Night J. Allyn Smith 175 $765
Leadership Film Series Josh Gianitsis 46 $1,650
The Govs Connection Rylan Kean 6 $4,842
Lecture Series and End of Year Showcase Tim Leszczak, Kadi Bliss, Donna Dey, Melissa Gomez 95 $9,098
MLK Service Project Alexandra Wills, Fonda Fields 500 $7,000
International Alternative Break Trip Dominik Shannon, Alexandra Wills 10 $7,000
Senior Capstone: Harnessing Your Leadership in College Tiffany Broadbent, Alicia DeJesus, Jamie Tolley, Kacie Ellis 15 $3,800
Govs-GO Volunteer for Science Karen Meisch, Colleen White, Michelle Rogers 15 $5,500
A.P.P.E. - Austin Peay Peer Educators Stephen Dominy, Greg Singleton 20 $3,300
Rivers and Spires Reading Tent Tara Alvey, Benita Bruster 75 $1,900
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows Christopher Gentry 6 $6,000