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QEP Funding Application

Call for Proposals - 2017-2018 Fiscal Year Funding

Please complete the following form to apply for funding for new HIP initiatives at APSU. Proposals are due by Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 4:00pm. For more information about the QEP funding process, including guidelines and frequently asked questions, please refer to the QEP Funding Opportunities webpage. For further information, please contact the QEP Funding Committee co-chairs, Tracy Comer (comert@apsu.edu) or Rodney Mills (millsr@apsu.edu). 

**When completing this application, be sure to also email an itemized budget breakdown for the project and a draft of the signature assignment prompt to loc@apsu.edu. These documents are required for all grant proposals to be considered for funding. The budget breakdown spreadsheet and examples of signature assignment prompts can be found here

**Please do not use Internet Explore when completing this form as it is incompatible with several functions. Also, it is suggested that applicants first type their proposals in Microsoft Word to ensure that the 5000 character limit is not surpassed and then copy and paste into the form.**
Select the HIP area(s) this project addresses.
Select which grant type you are applying for.
Is this project an entirely new proposal, or does it enhance an existing program?
If enhancement, has this project been funded by QEP funding previously?
Designate which of the QEP Goals this project proposal addresses. Select all that apply.
Designate which of the University Strategic Plan goals this project proposal addresses. Select all that apply.
Did you attend the QEP Professional Development SLO Workshop?
Select the level of professional development funds (if any) that you are requesting for this project. (see rubric for more details)