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QEP Funding Opportunities

The Learning Opportunities Center provides students, faculty and staff an opportunity to apply for funds for new or existing projects/activities that are directly related to the two areas of focus for the QEP: service learning and study abroad. The purpose of these funding opportunities is to increase student involvement in high-impact learning opportunities that transform student perspective while engaging in practical application of learning. 

The following grant information is for projects implemented during the 2017-2018 fiscal year (July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018).

Deadline for proposals is January 31, 2018 at 4:00pm 

Grant Guidelines



All Austin Peay State University faculty, staff and students are eligible to submit proposals. An individual may be listed as the principle investigator on only one proposal in a twelve-month period, and no individual may be involved in more than three proposals during a twelve-month period. Proposals from previous recipients who have failed to submit end-of-project reports will not be considered. 

Funding Guidelines

  1. All funds must be used for HIP activities that can be assessed by using the QEP Student Learning Outcomes rubric. This includes students completing a written reflection/signature assignment. 

  2. An itemized budget breakdown must be emailed to loc@apsu.edu when the application is submitted. An example template may be found below. 
  3. Funds must be used for opportunities for student participation in a service-learning or study abroad activity, such as scholarships for HIP participation or course redesign for HIPs. 

  4. Funds cannot be used for hiring and/or compensating personnel, which includes student workers, Graduate Assistants, or temporary employees.

  5. Faculty/Staff are eligible for up to $750 in professional development funding per HIP activity.

  6. All recipients are required to submit an End of Project Assessment data report. 

HIP Directors will be given preference to apply for up to $25,000 (combined) total and cannot apply for funding through other levels. 

QEP HIP Grant Resources

QEP Crossover Projects Resources

Signature Assignment Writing Prompt Requirements for QEP Funded Projects

  1. Use the suggested prescribed prompt listed below (**Faculty can add additional prompt questions and guidelines as they deem fit**)
  2. Reflection assignment must be a minimum of 2-3 pages
  3. The reflection assignment must be included in the graded assignments for the course
  4. Optional assessment: Faculty are not required to assess the reflection assignment using the QEP rubric. However, an outside assessment team will be scoring the reflection assignment by using the QEP SLO rubric.

Please use the following prescribed prompt questions for the signature assignment. Be sure to respond to all of the following prompt questions:

Discuss how your participation in this high impact practice broadened or deepened your understanding of what you have learned in this course, other courses, or in a non-course related experience while here at APSU. Describe how you adapted and/or applied skills, abilities, theories, or methodologies you have acquired at APSU to novel or unanticipated situations you encountered during your participation in this high impact practice. What aspects of your participation in this specific high impact practice were the most rewarding and most challenging to you, and why? Discuss both the successes and the failures you experienced during your participation in this project. How did this experience shape your ability to respond to new and challenging situations that you may encounter, both personally and professionally? 


For more information regarding all QEP funding opportunities, please contact Dr. Ashlee Spearman, Director of the Quality Enhancement Plan, at (931) 221-7045 or  spearmana@apsu.edu