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Why Pursue a Latin Specialization with a Professional Education Minor at APSU?

If you wish to teach, major in a foreign language and minor in professional education. Pair your study of foreign language with a major or minor in business to prepare to work abroad or for an international company. The opportunity to teach Latin in a Secondary School setting is one of the many end goals of pursuing this combination of major and minor.

The study of Latin remains vital and the current nationwide shortage of secondary school Latin teachers provides an added incentive for those who wish to pursue studies in Latin.

Foreign Language, BA
Latin Specialization

with Professional Education Minor
* Sample Four Year Plan

First Year Fall Semester
APSU 1000-Transition to the University
ENGL 1010-English Composition I
History Core
COMM 1010-Fundamentals of Public Speaking
LATN 2020-Intermediate Latin
Second Year Fall Semester
ENGL 2030-Traditions in World Literature
Natural Sciences w/ lab Core
CLAS 3310-Greek Mythology
**EDUC 2100-Foundation of Education
Social and Behavioral Sciences Core
Third Year Fall Semester
CLAS 3420-Roman Archaeology
LATN 4210-Latin Prose Composition
**EDUC 3070-Instructional Strategies
Upper Division Elective (Group I)
Fourth Year Fall Semester
Residency I
**EDUC 4080-Classroom Management
EDUC 4160-Teaching Diversity
LING 4400-Teaching Foreign Languages in Secondary Schools
EDUC 4440-Theories of Learning
SPED 3000-Intro to Special Education

*For this degree a student must complete a total of 39 upper division (3000-4999) credit hours.

*Course requires field experience; Residency I requires 5 weeks in schools; Residency II requires 15 weeks in schools. Professional Education minor is required for this degree.

*NOTE: Successful completion of Milestones I, II, III, and IV are required for teacher licensure programs. Milestone assessment criteria is available at http://www.apsu.edu/educ. Praxis II Required Testing: Test Code 5624 (7-12) Principles of Learning and Teaching 7-12 AND Test Code 5601 Latin (minimum score 141).