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English 1010: English Composition I

Catalog Description: Development of the student's writing skills through a process of thinking, researching, planning, writing, revising, and editing expository essays. 3 credit hours.

In ENGL 1010, students will read model essays and write ten essays or the equivalent during the semester.

All students are required to complete ENGL 1010. Credit may be accepted from other accredited universities or through AP credit (score of 3 required on English Language and Composition test for credit in ENGL 1010 or score of 3 required on English Literature and Composition test for credit in both ENGL 1010 and ENGL 1020) or high ACT English subscore (28-30 required for ENGL 1010 credit and 31-36 required for ENGL 1010 and ENGL 1020 credit). Students may also earn credit for ENGL 1010 by passing a CLEP test, but please note that the essay portion must also be taken and passed.