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APSU students

Spring Break London Service Learning Communications

Service Learning/Study Abroad • Spring Break• One Week

Program Overview:

Service Learning/Study Abroad COMM 4020 is a 3 credit hour class that is 16 weeks long during spring semester. Students will travel together to London over the Spring Break. Studnets will also have a showcase at the end of the semester highlighting the class. This class is open to all majors.

Credit Hours:

Three (3) credit hours.


Service Learning/Study Abroad Communication (SL/SA COMM 4020)


Nichols, Tracy 
Communication, MMC 164
PO Box 4446

Student Testimonials:

Student's Testimonial

“Studying abroad with the service learning component of education is an experience unlike other. Being able to study in London allowed me to not only learn the material, but to get to see what I learned in books happening in the real world. I have a busy life and was happy to find out that I could still get this practical experience because the time abroad was only one week during Spring Break.”                                                                                                                                                                                                      Kaylee Jones, London 2014