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Financial Form Criteria

United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations require documentation that sufficient financial resources are available to meet a student's prospective educational and living expenses while in the United States. 

Applicants are required to submit documentation that shows financial resources equal to or exceeding one year of expenses for the program of study they are interested in pursuing. The Form I-20 will not be issued until this information is provided.

Requirements for Financial Documentation:

  • Funds must be "liquid" (such as checking or savings; business accounts can also be used) 
  • Documents must indicate explicit numerical balance (most current) of the account
  • Documents must be dated within the last six months
  • Documents must be in English

Examples which ARE acceptable:

  • Graduate Assistantship or scholarship letters; original bank letters signed by a bank official; original bank statements issued directly from the bank; liquid investment or stocks accounts/

Examples which ARE NOT acceptable:

  • Bank letters without the name of the account holder or account number; bank statements lacking currency amounts; accounts with maturity date in the future; letters which do not specify the availability of at least the minimum amount per year; life insurance policies; payroll reports/expected income; tax statements; retirement accounts.

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