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W-4 form Instructions

The worksheet, which is optional, will show you how many exemptions you can claim.  You may claim anywhere from 0 to the number on the worksheet.  Remember 0 exemptions more taxes will be withheld and the higher the exemption the less taxes that will be withheld.  

 Boxes 1,2,3,4 and Signature and Date of the W-4 form must be filled on every form. 

 Either fill out box 5 with the number of exemptions you are claiming, with number 6 “additional withholdings” optional or if you qualify write exempt in box 7. If someone else may claim you on their tax return, such as your parents, you may only claim exempt if your taxable income for the year is less than the personal exemption set by the IRS.  For 2017 this amount is $4050.  Sources of taxable income could be income from all jobs, taxable scholarship money, 1099 payments, prizes or gifts, etc.)  If you are able to claim yourself on your taxes then you may claim exempt if all taxable income is below $10,350 for 2017. For Married employees the amount is $20,700 if filing joint.

If you fill out box 5, do not write anything in box 7.  If you claim exempt in box 7, do not put anything in box 5 or 6. 

If you do your form will be considered invalid and we will revert to the default withholding status of Single with 0 exemptions.

 If you claim exempt from federal withholding a new form must be completed for each new year by February 15th.  

Non-Resident Aliens please see the w-4 instructions in Non-Resident Alien Taxes for specific withholding instructions.