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Compensatory/Overtime: Non-Exempt Only


  • It is the intent of the University to conform to the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act as amended to apply to public employers and also to conform to  the policies and guidelines of the Tennessee Board of Regents.
  • The University will comply with all provisions of the amendments to the Fair Labor Standards Act, such as those dealing with maximum accrual of compensatory time, method of cash payment for accrued hours, requests for time off and multiple job situations.

37.5 – Hour Work Week

  • All employees of the University who are considered to be full-time shall work a minimum of 37.5 hours per week throughout the year.
  • The official work day will be 7.5 hours long, 5 days per week (37.5 hours); and the normal fiscal work year shall be 1,950 hours.

Compensatory Time

  • Compensatory time and overtime payments are available to clerical and support employees only. 
  • Compensatory time shall be accrued and used in lieu of cash overtime pay, unless the institution determines otherwise (or the Fair Labor Standards Act requires cash payment because the employee has accumulated the maximum number of compensatory time hours).
  • Accrued compensatory time must be used before taking annual leave.
  • Maximum accrual of compensatory time should be avoided.


  • Where compensatory time is not a feasible alternative, funds to provide for overtime payment must have been approved during the budget process.


  • Available to Physical Plant support personnel in accordance to APSU policy 5:031.

Inclement Weather

  • Essential personnel to work during periods of inclement weather will be   designated each year by the Director of Physical Plant.
  • For more detailed information regarding the calculation of compensatory/  overtime pay, please refer to APSU Policy 5:031 or contact Human Resources.


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