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Clearance From The University

Clearance Procedures

  • Any employee leaving the University because of retirement, resignation, leave of absence for more than six months, or for any other reason must clear with the University.
  • The Office of Human Resources will enter the employee on the Automated On-Line Clearance System (AOCS).
  • The AOCS eliminates the need for the employee to go to the Business Office, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing and other designated departments to clear.  The department representative will clear the departing employee once they have been set up on the automated system.
  • The employee will receive an email message from Human Resources notifying he/she of the web address and directions on how to login to the web site to determine if they have been cleared with the designated offices.
  • The employee must clear up any outstanding items with the department.  Once any outstanding issues have been resolved, the department representative will update the employee’s clearance status on the AOCS.
  • The employee’s accrued annual leave will be paid as a lump sum payment.  Other options are available to retirees.
  • After the employee has resolved matters with all clearance offices, he/she must visit the Office of Human Resources to terminate benefit programs with the University and ensure they are familiar with the options available to them.
  • If the employee has direct deposit, his/her final check will be an actual check rather than direct deposit.  It will be available in the Business Office for pickup on his/her last pay date.
  • If the employee would like to have his/her final check mailed, they will need to provide the Office of Human Resources with a mailing address.
  • Questions regarding the clearance process can be directed to Angie Judish in Human Resources.


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