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Campus Police

About Campus Police

  • Campus Police is a full service law enforcement agency.  Our officers are certified by the State of Tennessee and possess full police authority.
  • Our offices are located in the Shasteen building behind the football stadium on Summer Street.  We provide policing services 24 hours a day on a year round basis. APSU Police have an excellent working relationship With Clarksville P.D. and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Our philosophy is to provide for the safety of the faculty, staff, and students to enhance the college experience and facilitate a learning environment. 

Student Patrol

  • Student Patrol consists of students working as campus employees and are assigned as part of a work study program.  They are limited to a maximum of 20 hours per week.  Some of their duties consist of providing student escorts during the hours of darkness, parking enforcement, and special event security.

Emergency Preparedness

  • We are a member of the Homeland Security District 7.  We participate in training, practical exercises and the delivery of policing services during natural and man-made disasters.  See “APSU Guide for Preparedness” at Campus Police web site.

Campus Emergency Broadcast System

  • During an emergency affecting the campus, Campus Police will sound an audible siren.  The voice message directs people on where to go.  The Austin Peay RAVE text alert system is also used to provide directions for your safety.  Some examples of the usage would be tornadoes, and an on-going criminal incident affecting the campus. If you see anything suspicious, a person or activity, contact Campus Police at 221-7786.

Main Points of Emphasis

  • Please park in accordance with the regulations. Remember to use you’re parking hang tags on the vehicle you are driving and parking in the corresponding lots.  To deter theft, lock your car doors and windows.  Do not leave textbooks, billing statements with your address visible to anyone looking inside your car.
  • Austin Peay State University is an alcohol and drugs free campus.  This is a zero tolerance policy.  The smoking areas are located on the outer perimeter of the main campus.  Student violators will be issued a citation referring them to Student Affairs for adjudication. Staff and Faculty violators will be issued a citation referring them to their supervisor for disciplinary action.


If you have any additional information, review the Campus Police website or contact the department at 221-7786. 

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