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Apartments are furnished with kitchen appliances.  Water and electrical service is provided by the Housing/Residence Life & Dining Services Office. Occupancy cannot exceed two people for a one-bedroom or four people for a two-bedroom. One bedroom apartments for non-traditional housing are available for single students 21 years of age and above, as well as graduate students. This living area has 93 unfurnished apartments with option of one, two, or three bedrooms.

The Emerald Hill Apartments provides two laundry rooms, playground and central office area.

Please call the Housing office at (931) 221-7444 or email us at housing@apsu.edu if you are interested. 


Frequently Asked Questions

No.  A housing deposit must accompany your application/rental agreement for Emerald Hill Apartments and cannot be taken from financial aid or scholarship awards.

Information will be sent to you to arrange your move-in date.

Yes. If notice is not given, you will forfeit your deposit.

You may live in Emerald Hill Apartments.
Yes, but conditionally.  You must preregister as a student for the upcoming fall semester or submit a letter of intent to the Emerald Hill Apartments. 
Yes, as long as you are enrolled in summer classes.
No.  Residents at Emerald Hill are not required to purchase a meal plan.
No.  To stay in University housing, you must be enrolled in classes with the main campus or the APSU center on Fort Campbell.  If you are not, you must vacate your apartment within 24 hours, unless an extension is granted by the associate director of the Office of Housing/Residence Life.
Always be sure to update address changes online using the Banner System.
No.  This appliance is not allowed in the apartment due to the potential for overload of the electrical system and the potential for fire.  Fans, however, are permitted if they plug directly into the wall outlet.
Yes.  Guests must register with the Emerald Hill office staff.  You are responsible for the actions of your guests at all times, and guests are to respect the needs and rights of all Emerald Hill residents.  Guests are allowed to stay two consecutive nights a week.  Special guest registrations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
No.  The University does not assume responsibility at any time for the private property of its students and is not liable for the loss or damage of any article of personal property anywhere on the premises.  You or your parents are encouraged to carry appropriate insurance to cover your personal belongings.
Yes.  Personalization should occur after you have moved into your apartment and within the guidelines set by the Office of Housing/Residence Life. Please refer to the "Notes for Living" for more details.
Your rent is to be paid at one of the cashier’s windows located on the first floor of the Ellington Building.
 No.  Resident is responsible for paying his/her monthly rent without receiving a bill. 
We do not publish the status of the waiting list.  You will be notified as soon as your name comes up and an apartment is available.