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What's Up Wednesday

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What's Up Wednesday provides faculty an opportunity to meet with high-achieving students to explain the faculty member's area of specialization and talk about why it would be good for students to take a course in that area.  Honors and PELP students especially should be learning to think outside of the box of their major; they should be breaking disciplinary boundaries. Here are a few examples: Dr. Jones from Mathematics came and spoke about regression theory; Dr. Spofford came and spoke about the importance of engaging in creative writing regardless of one's major; Dr. Sorenson discussed the importance of learning a foreign language, French specifically, for science and business majors. 

Faculty are invited to come to the Honors Commons on Wednesdays from 12:20 - 1:00 PM to chat informally with Honors and PELP students.  Honors will provide pizza for these events.  

Please be sure that your choice of date is a Wednesday!
Describe in one or two sentences what you will discuss with the students.