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Student Expectations and Guidelines

Students who participate in the Honors Program and the President's Emerging Leaders Program hold themselves to a higher standard of integrity.  One of the first principles of integrity is personal responsibility and that begins with small things.  By signing this, you agree to accept the following responsibilities that come with the privileges of participation in the Honors Program and/or the President's Emerging Leaders Program. 

1)  I will be kind to all. I will make a concerted effort to be aware and caring about those around me. 
2) I will, to the extent possible, help my fellow Honors/PELP students in their academic pursuits.  If someone needs a study buddy, and my time and capacities permit, I will do what I can to help that person.  Above all, if I discern that someone in the Commons is having a bad day, I will try to help, even if that means sitting quietly and listening. 
3) I will abide by the code of student conduct as set forth in the APSU Student Handbook. Infractions against the Code of Student Conduct may result in disciplinary action, up to and including removal from the Honors Program.
4) If I suspect something dangerous is happening, I will immediately call the campus police 931-221-7786 or 911.
5) I will clean up after myself without being asked.  The Honors Commons is a communal space, and we are all responsible to maintain its neat appearance.  You are welcome to use the counters and appliances, but please, if you make a mess, own it, and clean it up.
6)  I will be respectful of those studying in the Honors Commons.  The lounge/dining area is certainly meant to be enjoyed, but not at the expense of the concentrated quiet necessary for the more important task of study. If I am watching tv, I will keep the volume at a level that will allow those studying to carry on.
NB: Between the hours of 11:30 AM -1:00 PM and 4:30-6:30 PM there is not an expectation of quiet, but again, please exercise common sense and be respectful.
7) I will not schedule events in the Honors Commons, without first checking with the director and the administrative assistant.  I will not prop open the doors to the Commons.
8) I will not tamper with the electronic equipment in the classrooms or the computers anywhere in the Commons in any way, especially by downloading apps or other material from the web. 
9) As a campus leader, I will model the life of a university student by demonstrating academic curiosity, by attending various events on campus including concerts, athletic events, lectures, art exhibits, and so on, and encouraging others to join me in these pursuits. I will become an active member of one or more of the organizations on campus.
10)  As my schedule permits, I will attend events, such as the REAL Talk Workshops, that are held in the Honors Commons.
11) I will be engaged in and take charge of my academic and personal development.  As time permits, I will make an effort to get to know the faculty teaching my classes, get to know my advisor, and investigate the opportunities for such things as internships, fellowships, and post-graduate study that are available to me.