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Professor speaking in Honors Commons

Honors students have some exciting options for coursework in the fall of 2021!

Honors 1045 is the first course in the Honors sequence.  This course is designed to open students eyes to the possibilities of interdisciplinary study.  What does biology have to do with art? Where do computers and music come together? Faculty tend to see the place as a UNIversity, a place where all disciplines interact with one another at some level, while students tend to focus on their one major field of study.  Phrases such as 'I'm just not a math person," are pretty common, but the fact is, everyone's a math person... and a foreign language person, and a music person etc. etc.  Some disciplines take more time than others for particular people, but none of it is beyond the pale.  So...HON 1045 introduces students to some out of the box thinking about the interactions among discipline.  Here are the sections for fall of 2021


Dr. Wadia with a student in England

From flirting to saying 'I do,' love is grand!  Explore the joys and complications of relationships  through the eyes of Shakespeare and other writers, poets, and popular songs from his day.

The professor for this course is Dr. Mickey Wadia, renowned Shakespeare scholar and lover of all things Elizabethan.  Dr. Wadia has made dozens of trips to England to introduce students to the joys of study abroad.

HON 1045-04  CRN 3817    T/R 8:00-9:25 AM



When you are watching a movie, have you ever wondered when the science is right and when it's not?  Is WARP drive possible?  Could AI create a Matrix??  Will light sabres and laser guns be the weapons of the future?  Explore the science behind the films you love such as Star Wars and the Matrix, and learn how to critique the presentation of science and scientific thought in films. Impress your friends and family with your understanding of this complex topic.  

Dr. Catherine Hasse, Professor of Biology, is the instructor for this fantastic class

HON 1045 Section 38H CRN 3790   TR 11:10AM - 12:35 PM


Opening page of illustrated Iliad

From clay tablets to papyrus to the Kindle, discover the intricate history of the printed word and the multi-faceted effects books have had on the world.  Books in their various forms have been a part of humanity's most important productions for about 4,000 years.  That makes for a deep and fascinating history.

This course will be taught by Gina Garber, Special Collections Librarian.

HON 1045-05H CRN 1391   MWF 10:10-11:05



Dog sleeping on bed

Explore the ways in which people learn to find and appreciate the calm satisfaction and joy of simple, everyday life. After eighteen difficult months in a pandemic, we all understand the need for the ability to take pleasure in the small things.  Learn how to find not just transient happiness, but real joy.

Dr. Eve Rice, Chair of the Nursing Program, will be the instructor for this course.  

HON 1045 Section 06H  CRN 1396   T/R  9:35-11:00 AM


Discover the intersection of art and business that drives the success of such games as Dungeons and Dragons. Videogames are not only fun to play, they are an extremely demanding art form and they are big business. How do two disciplines--art and business--intersect and work together when they are so different on the surface? 

HON 1045 Section 08H CRN1395   T/R 11:10AM - 12:35 PM

Darren Michael, Chair of the Dept. of Theater and Dance, is the instructor for this course.  



Relief sculpture of gods with hands on shoulders

John Donne said it best: "No man is an island."  Investigate the hows and whys of those common elements of shared humanity that make us reach out to another person in need.  We may be strangers, we may live half-way around the world, but when we see another person in joy or pain we tend to feel similar emotional responses along with them.  How does that work?  I don't even know this person, so why do I care?  

HON 1045 Section 12H  CRN 1393   TR 2:20 - 3:45 PM

The instructor for Empathy will be Dr. Bobette Bouton.  Dr. Bouton has been conducting research on empathy for over a decade. Share in her findings with this fascinating course.


We are offering one course at the 300 level and A History of Biblical Times.  Although there are no prerequisites for either class, freshmen are advised not to take these courses.


Biblical History: Lands and Peoples of the Ancient Near EastTemple of Olympian Zeus

HON 300X-03 CRN 3708  is a course on the history of biblical times.  The Bible is not a history text but it certainly discusses historical events. If you’ve ever wondered about the peoples who are discussed or mentioned in scripture, this is your chance to learn what we know about those people and the places they lived.  This course will examine the growth of various civilizations in the Middle East, such as Israel, Babylonia, Sumeria, the Hittites, Egypt, and others against the backdrop of the Bible. 

This course will be taught Dr. Greg Glover (Ph.D.: Princeton) who has studied and taught this material all of his life. 


HON 4050: Honors Thesis.  Seniors can take HON 4050 two times, once in fall and once in spring, in order to complete the research for a thesis in the fall and the actual writing in the spring.  


Dr. Tim Winters at winterst@apsu.edu