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Honors Courses

*HON 1000   Introduction to University Life  

This course is required of all incoming freshmen

An introduction to university life in its many facets, including but not confined to, critical reading skills, deep familiarity with library resources, a broad familiarity with the various departments (academic and administrative) of the university, expectations and responsibilities of university life, the history of Austin Peay State University. This course is a substitution for APSU 1000. 

*HON 1045   Honors Seminar 

This course is required of all incoming freshmen

An interdisciplinary examination of an idea, designed to provide students with a broad look at an issue.  Examples would be The Odysseus Theme in Western Literature and Art, or The Popular Presentation of Scientific Ideas. This course is a substitution for ENGL 1020. 

HON 2010   Roots of Western Culture

An exploration of the ancient worlds of the Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, and others who have influenced the way we think about politics, philosophy, art, and education.

HON 2020   Medieval Ideas

Study  of crises and transformations as the Roman Empire collapsed into the diverse cultures of Medieval Islam and Christendom, with emphasis on cultural conflict and interaction as demonstrated in religious thought, philosophy, artistic expression, political forms, and military action.

HON 2030   Renaissance Ideas

Exploration of basic ideas and values in science, art, philosophy, music, religion, and literature, and in national identities from the Renaissance to the early modern era.

HON 2040   The Modern Age

Examination of the major upheavals of the modern period in politics, science, religion, and art which have transformed the life and thought of our own time.

*HON 2220   Dialogue on Diversity 


Exploration of the idea and reality of the other in various cultures and modes of discourse.  Examples include addressing differences through science fiction, or confronting racism through media reports and/or film, music, and art.  Students will consider diversity issues and respond to them rationally rather than emotionally. This course is a substitution for ENGL 2330.

HON 300A   Directed Readings

An exploration of a particular idea, theme, writer, or genre.  

HON 300X   Colloquium  

An interdisciplinary exploration of a special topic, an issue of current concern, or a major non-Western culture. Specific topics and course titles to be announced.

HON 4000 Senior Honors Capstone Seminar

An interdisciplinary synthesizing seminar. 

HON 4050  Honors Thesis

This course is for all seniors who wish to graduate from the Honors Program.  Honors students must complete a thesis, a project, or an artistic presentation as the final element in graduating with Honors.  The thesis, project, or presentation will be made available to the public for a defense where appropriate.