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Honors and PELP Student Advisory Council (HPC)

Honors and PELP Student Advisory Council logo

Current Members:

Executive Board:

Jaci Mays  -  Chair

Allison Harris - Vice Chair

Logan Young - Secretary

Senior HPC Representatives: 

PELP: Mackenzie Carr

Honors: Olivia Hershey

Junior HPC Representatives:

PELP: Shelby Bowling

Honors: Allison Harris

Sophomore HPC Representatives:

PELP: Kolby Wright

Honors: Logan Young

LLC Representative: 

Meagan Porter

HPC Committees:

The HPC is comprised of different committees to help run various events and aspects of Honors and PELP. Below are the current committees:

Breakdown of Responsibilities:  

Executive Officers


The Chair’s primary responsibility is to facilitate weekly HPC meetings; they must create and distribute an agenda for this meeting 24 hours in advance. The Chair is the main resource for the Director and Administrative Assistant, other HPC members, and Honors and PELP students to come to with recommendations for Honors/PELP related events, Honors Commons improvements, and general insight. It is expected that the Chairs makes every attempt to attend HPC events, assist other members when needed, meet with the Director and Administrative Assistant, and commit at least one hour per week to the creation of agendas and the preparation of meetings.


Vice Chair:

The Vice Chair’s role is to assist the Chair by facilitating meetings when the Chair is unable to and to be the timekeeper at meetings. The Vice Chair also facilitates the appointment process in the Spring semester (and individual appointment as needed). Facilitating appointment requires distributing the application, creating and following a schedule/timeline for interviews, and advertising available positions. The Vice Chair is expected to commit at least one hour per week, with an increased time commitment during appointment.



The Secretary takes minutes of what is said during every meeting and shares them regularly to all HPC members. The Secretary is also responsible for distributing the Constitution and Bylaws to HPC members. The Secretary is expected to commit one to two hours per week.



Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee is responsible for finding community service opportunities for Honors and PELP students both inside and outside of the Austin Peay community. This involves researching organizations that need volunteers and compiling a list of contact information, dates, times, and locations for the events. One service project a month serves as our REAL (Raising Engagement and Awareness for Life) Act of Service. This committee is also responsible for planning and facilitating the weekly What’s Up Wednesday talks in the Honors Commons. Members of this sub-committee will reach out to faculty, staff, and/or students to find speakers for the duration of the semester.



The Events Committee hosts at least four social events per semester in the Honors Commons. The responsibilities for this committee include scheduling, budgeting, purchasing materials/decorations, providing food, and creating advertising flyers/posters. The time commitment for this committee is at least one hour per week, with an increase in time commitment depending on the size of the event planned.



The purpose of the Marketing Committee is to share event information and announcements with the Honors and PELP students. To market events, a unique flyer is created for each event that provides a brief understanding of the event. These flyers are posted on the Honors and PELP Instagram (@apsuhonorsandpelp). Copies of these flyers are also made and posted around the Honors Commons. As the event approaches, we are responsible for posting reminders about the upcoming event on our social media pages. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the Marketing Committee to create and distribute the weekly Honors and PELP newsletter. The time commitment for this committee is around two hours per week.



The Athletics Committee plans and hosts four athletic events per semester for Honors and PELP students. These events can be located both inside and outside of the Honors Commons. Responsibilities for this committee include reserving spaces, budgeting, and providing materials for events. The time commitment for this committee is about one hour per week, with an increase in time commitment depending on the size of the event planned.



The Formal Committee oversees the planning the Honors and PELP Formal. Planning Formal takes place throughout the academic year. The committee head serves as director or co-director to the formal and oversees both HPC and non-HPC members of the committee. The committee head is responsible for planning an event space, catering, theming/decorations, budgeting/purchase list, RSVP/VIP Guests, security, awards, and more. A large time commitment is expected for this position throughout the academic year with an increased amount in the spring semester. The head of this committee is chosen from the pool of HPC members who have already been appointed.