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Honors and PELP Formal RSVP

Please fill out the following form to RSVP for the 2023 Honors & PELP Formal. Each Honors or PELP attendee is allowed 1 guest. Honors and PELP students coming together should RSVP separately and not on the same form. Guests must be a student at APSU; if not, they must be approved by Dr. Winters and be over the age of 18. Attendees will be expected to check-in via PeayLink and donate 4 items to the SOS Food Pantry, 2 for themselves, 2 for their guest. Non-APSU guests will be expected to provide identification for entry by Honors and PELP staff and Campus Police. Click here to nominate your peers, instructors, and other faculty and staff members on campus.

Honors and PELP Formal
Honors or PELP Attendee name
Honors or PELP
Please check whether you are in Honors or PELP or both.
Please enter your APSU email address.
Please enter your plus one's name or N/A if not applicable.
If your Plus One is not an APSU student, please provide their birthday. Minors are not allowed. Enter N/A if not applicable.
Please enter your Plus One's APSU email or N/A if not applicable.
Academic recognition
Are you okay with being recognized for merit or academic awards at this year's formal?