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The Honors Ambassadors fulfill two principal functions: they mentor incoming freshmen, and they serve as representatives of the Honors Program. Two Honors Program students will be chosen as Lead Ambassadors to coordinate the Ambassadors and to plan and help carry out the pre-semester calendar for incoming Honors freshmen. 

The deadline for the 2023 application is 31 January, 2023, 11:59 PM.

Use this form to apply to become an Honors Ambassador or Lead Ambassador. 

Please enter your first and last name.
Please enter what class/year you are in (Sophomore or junior)
Please enter your preferred phone number.
Honors and Lead Ambassadors
Please check the box for which position you are applying for. You can apply for both.
Please enter the Honors courses you have already completed or are currently enrolled in.
Please provide a 50-word response for why you are interested in this position.
Please provide a 50-word response on the strengths you think would help contribute to this program.
Please list any clubs or organizations you are a part of.