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Harned Hall, APSU

No matter what your profession, the study of history will improve your ability to think strategically and analytically. From the classical world to current warfare, you will have the opportunity to examine aspects of military, U.S., and world history.
The Department of History & Philosophy offers two options for pursuing a Master of Arts degree in History – a non-thesis option requiring 30 hours, and a thesis option requiring 36 hours. Both options require the student choose a Guided Elective Primary and a Secondary Field. The student must choose from three options for their fields – Military History, U.S. History, or World History.
The History program is offered through the APSU Clarksville Campus and admits for all terms. This degree may be completed online or on campus.

Students must take the following core courses:

  1. HIST 5001 Research Methods
  2. HIST 5029 Graduate Seminar
  3. HIST 5043 Historiography

Students must take 12 or 15 hours in their Primary Field and a corresponding 6 or 9 hours in their Secondary Field. If a student pursues the Thesis option, they will need to complete 6 hours of Thesis Research, either two sections of HIST 5024 in succeeding semesters, or one section of HIST 5030 in one semester. After completing the coursework, the student will take their Comprehensive Examinations and/or Thesis Defense. For more information about the program, please visit the graduate bulletin.

To apply for admission, click here.

Graduate Coordinator
Dr. Cameron Sutt

Somaditya Banerjee (PhD, University of British Columbia) - Modern South Asia; History of Science; Intellectual and Cultural History


Jessica Blake (PhD, University of California at Davis) – African American History, Material Culture, Slavery


Michele Butts (PhD, University of New Mexico) – Native American; the American West; US Civil War


C. Wallace Cross (PhD, Vanderbilt University) – England; British Empire


Dzavid Dzanic (PhD, Harvard University) – Modern Western Europe; French Empire; the Modern Middle East


Christos Frentzos (PhD, University of Houston) – 20th-century US; the Korean & Vietnamese Conflicts; Unconventional Warfare & Terrorism


Gregory Hammond (PhD, University of Texas at Austin) – Latin America; Women & Gender Studies


George Pesely (PhD, University of California, Berkeley) – Ancient Greece; Ancient Rome; Early Middle Ages


David Rands (PhD, University of Southern California) – History of Japan and China; Urban History


David R. Snyder (PhD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln) – Nazi Germany; the Holocaust; Military History; Military Justice


Cameron Sutt (PhD, University of Cambridge) – Medieval Europe; Medieval Islamic world


John W. Steinberg (PhD, The Ohio State University) – Russia; Eastern Europe; the Holocaust


Kevin Tanner, Jr. (PhD, Binghamton University) – 18th & 19th-century US


Antonio Thompson (PhD, University of Kentucky) – Prisoner of War Studies; World War II; Military History; International Relations


Minoa Uffelman (PhD, University of Mississippi) – US South; Gender


Timothy Wesley (PhD, Pennsylvania State University) – The American Civil War; Reconstruction Era; US South; 19th-century American Religions


Gregory R. Zieren (PhD, University of Delaware) – US Gilded Age; US Economic history; US Foreign Relations