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CoAL Day

To compete for the History and Philosophy Scholarship CoAL Day Scholarship, students must submit an original 800- to 1,200-word essay that answers either the philosophy or history prompt. The essay must have three parts: 1) title page, 2) essay pages, and 3) bibliography or works cited. The title page and bibliography must be listed on separate pages and no reference to the applicant's name or information can be part of the essay pages or bibliography. Please follow these rules. Essays that do not follow the rules may be disqualified.

1) Title Page – The title page must include the following:

2) Essay Pages – The essay must:

3) Bibliography pages – The bibliography must:

Essays which meet the criteria above will be accepted and judged equally on the following criteria:

Philosophy prompt:

“Is there objective moral truth or is the morality of any action relative to individual preference or social convention?  Define your terms and defend your thesis with arguments.”  

History prompt:

In Reflections on the Revolution in France, Edmund Burke states: “People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors.” What does this quote mean to you?  How relevant is the study of history in today’s world? Use specific historical examples to prove your argument.

Please email all essays to the Chair of the History and Philosophy Department, Dr. Kevin Tanner, at tannerk@apsu.edu.