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Online Classes

So you have signed up for an online class and you’re not sure what to do next. A quick read through of these instructions might help!

First you need to determine which Online Program to sign in to.

  • Log in to AP Self Service Under Detailed Class Schedule, look for the online class you are registered to take
  • Next to the class will be listed: W1, W2, R50, R51
  • All W classes are D2L classes (
  • All R classes are TNeCampus classes (
  • Select the appropriate program when logging on to your online class from

Username and Password

  • Desire2Learn (D2L):
    Your username and password are the same you use for OneStop.
  • TNeCampus:
    Your username and password are created by TNeCampus.
    • --Username: first initial of your first name + full last name + four digit mmdd of your birthday.
    • --Password: your 6-digit mmddyy birthdate

Other Problems you might experience

  • Cannot logon, gives error message “Invalid Authentication Credentials”
    • Either your security settings in Internet Explorer are set too high or you have a pop-up blocker installed on the computer that is blocking your access.
    • Check your Security Settings:
      • Open Internet Explorer
      • Click the Tool menu
      • Click Internet Options
      • Select the Privacy Tab
      • Check your Security settings:
      • Make sure the slide bar is set to Medium.
  • Pop-up blockers:
    • Most popup blockers have a settings option list where you can add allowed sites.
    • Also you may hold the CTRL key in while login in to bypass any popup blockers on your computer.
  • Classes are missing :
    • Online classes cannot be accessed until a week before the class is to begin and even then the teacher must have it setup and ready for you. You may not be able to logon until the day of classes if the teacher has it setup that way.
    • You will not see or be able to access your classes on the same day that you register. It takes at least 3 hours for our system to update student registration in an online class.
    • If you have a class that is setup to be Web Enhanced (extra class content through D2L) you may not be able to access that content the first day of classes. Your teacher must setup access to the Enhanced materials. Please make sure your teacher has setup the content.
    • If you are registered properly for the class and classes have already started, you should be able to see all of your classes. If you cannot then please contact the Technology Help Desk.(931) 221-4357.