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IFC Recruitment Information

Below you will find the Interfraternity Council hosted Recruitment Events. Click here for more information on IFC and its member fraternities.

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 IFC Fraternity Recruitment


Summer 2018 Recruitment Schedule

 More Information to come. 

 More Information to come. 

  •  July 20th - Nashville Sounds Baseball Game (Game starts at 7:05pm)
  • August 11th - Outdoor Grill Out with Brothers (4pm)

Contact Johnny Jones for more information. 

  •  River Cruise - July 14th 10:00am-5:00pm
  • Camping Trip - July 28th 
  • Paintball Match - August 5th

Contact Matthew Powell or Tristan Sartor for more information. 


  • Foy Pool Day – June 8th @ 3:00
  • IM Field Event – June 17th @ 3:00
  • Canoeing the Red River – July 10th
  • Paintball – July 27th
  • Sounds Baseball Game - August 18th @ 7:00

Contact Zach Delano for more information. 

  • Hoagies and Stogies - June 30th 
  • Canoe Trip - July 11th 
  • Paintball at Red Leg Action Sports - August 17th 
  • Hoagies and Stogies - August 25th 

Contact Justin Randall for more information.

Sigma Phi Epsilon Core Values Video

  More Information to come. 
  More Information to come. 


Fall 2018 Recruitment Schedule

August 30th - IFC Preview - Fortera Stadium

September 4th - IFC Event Night #1

September 5th - IFC Event Night #2

September 6th - IFC Event #3

September 7th - IFC Interview Night 

September 8th - IFC New Member Celebration - Red Barn

Joining a fraternity is a huge decision in your life and attending one of the scheduled events will give you the opportunity to truly see which fraternity is best for you!

If you have any questions feel free to email Matthew Hogan (IFC Vice President of Membership).