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Fraternity Recruitment Schedule

Below you will find the Interfraternity Council hosted Recruitment Events. Click here for more information on IFC and its member fraternities or here to sign up for the IFC Recruitment. The Schedule is provided below: 

Fraternity Recruitment Fall 2016 Schedule

September 1st - IFC Greek Grillers

September 2nd - Sigma Chi Night at Hooters at 7pm

September 2nd - Movie Night at FIJI Townhouse in Greek Village 6:30pm

September 2nd - Pi Kappa Alpha Bowling at Pinnacle 

September 3rd - Sigma Chi at Driving Range from 5-8pm

September 3rd - FIJI Manhunt at 8:30pm - Meet at Townhouse #10

September 4th - FIJI Can Jam/Basketball at 6pm in Foy 

Seotember 5th - Alpha Tau Omega Cookout at Townhouse in Greek Village at 5:30pm

September 5th - Pike House Grill Out 

September 5th - Games & Burgers with Sigma Chi at House 

September 5th - FIJI Bubble Soccer at 7:30pm 

September 6th - Sigma Chi Sports Day at Dunn Bowl from 5-12pm 

September 6th - FIJI Community Service Event 

September 7th - Sigma Chi Bowling at Barn 

September 7th - FIJI Fish Fry at Red Barn at 5pm 

September 8th - Sigma Chi Manhunt 

September 8th - FIJI Bowling at 6:30pm at Skyline 

September 9th - IFC Interviews 

September 9th - Sigma Chi Dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings at 6:30pm 

September 9th - Fajitas with FIJI 

September 10th - IFC New Member Celebration 

We hope to see you out there! Joining a fraternity is a huge decision in your life and attending one of these events will give you the opportunity to truly see which fraternity is best for you!

If you have any questions feel free to call or email Jake Bumpus (IFC Vice President of Membership).